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there's a solution

Telecom & Consumer Retail

Telecom and consumer retail space has seen continually evolving consumer behavior, rapid technology advancements, and innovative business models; hence these are leading to a highly competitive industry landscape. In the face of these changes companies must find innovative sources of revenue growth whilst also increasing operational efficiency to enhance margins.

Our industry approach is based on the on enhancingcustomer experience, develop a robust consumer management strategy, standardize IT systems, and increase operational efficiency. Supporting our approach and expertise is strategic team which is committed to providing leading-edge industry insights, innovative thinking and tailored strategy. The team benefits from a global outlook and strong links with influential academics and industry analysts.

Forrester Research shows that customer experience has a high correlation to business results: good customer experience drives purchases and improves retention. Within a bustling and constantly evolving marketplace filled with rapidly changing consumer preferences, retailers need to be able to exploit the abundance of information at their fingertips, quickly take advantage of newly emerging trends, and deliver a memorable shopping experience across offline and online channels. Customer experiences need to be integrated and optimized to maximize business results. At the same time, simplifying, automating, and optimizing internal business processes has become just as critically important as driving customer purchases. VBSOFT aims to address the increasing needs of the segment and provide effective solutions that are cost effective and simple to use.