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Petrochemicals (Oil & gas)

The Petrochemical Industry is highly complex and intensely competitive. Volatile markets and increasingly stringent environmental regulations mandate operational excellence to maintain profit margins and stakeholder value. VBSOFT addresses the day-to-day business challenges by providing cutting edge and effective solutions which are value driven and lowers operational costs.

We offer range of services to our clients in petrochemicals space which includes assent management, assent automation, integration of operations, commercial systems and SCADA. VBSOFT has more than a decade ling experience in development and deployment of products related to oil & gas industry which includes automation of gas stations and real-time systems to management gas dispensing network, domestic, industrial and commercial gas pipeline management including commercial management systems.

VBSOFT offers to its customers its product suite to manage activities within Oil & Gas space:

CNGNET - Enterprise CNG Operations Management System includes station automation, retail sales, asset management and central management services.

PNGNET - Enterprise Piped Natural Gas management system which includes marketing management, customer management, O&M, Billing and Invoicing, Accounting for domestic, industrial and commercial gas consumers.