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Quality Assurance / Quality Testing

IT Application Testing

Before doing things right, right things are to be done. VBSOFT has always believed this anecdote. But we also keep in mind that once right things have been chosen to be done, they have to be done rightly too. Our approach towards application testing is driven by scenarios from our analysis team. The application must successfully execute all scenarios to be ready for deployment. Our IT testing offering includes

  • Testing strategy and appraisal
  • Testing automation
  • Performance testing

Independent Testing

With a vast and diverse experience in a wide range of verticals, our clients find us to be matchless when it comes to Independent Testing. We have mastered this domain over the years with some of the most stringent testing practices and immaculate delivery timings. We have proven ourselves inmanaging quality delivery in multi-party relationships.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is a means of Quality Assurance. Performance of a system cannot be gauged only by the features and functionality that the system provides. The system should also pass the criteria of Speed, Scalability and Stability. VBSOFT performance testing methodology pushes the system through stringent and rigorous procedures to ensure it is in term with customer satisfaction. The aim is to protect client investment against product failure. Combination of performance testing offered by VBSOFT include

  • Load Test
  • Validation Test
  • Stress Test
  • Spike Test
  • Smoke Test
  • Volume Test
  • Component Test
  • Scalability Test
  • Endurance Test