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Enterprise solution for City Gas Management

PNGNet is a comprehensive Piped Natural Gas Network billing solution. PNGNet is a workflow based application that covers the entire activities from marketing plans to prospective customer to feasibility study for his location, to actual connection, to billing, collection and maintaining the customer. The various modules and features are briefly described below.


This module allows creating and defining different marketing plans on the basis target customer viz. Domestic, Commercial, and Industry. It also allows creating & defining different tariff plans and attaching them with marketing plans. It further allows registering booking by the customers i.e. their application entry is registered in the system. It also has the provision of entering the registration payment to be made by the customer and printing of receipts.

Operations & Maintenance

Once the customer is registered in the system, his details are automatically passed to O&M department who looks at the feasibility of providing the gas to that customer. Once the O&M department provides a feasibility clearance, the message is sent to marketing department to intimate customer to make payments as per the plan opted by him.

Once the payments are received by sales department, it is again sent to O&M department to create a job card for providing the actual connection.

After the meter is installed and connected at the customer site, intimation is sent to Finance department to raise the invoice against commissioning.

It has the feature of schedule creation and management of meter readings. The meter readings could be done area wise. It also has the provision of uploading the meter readings collected from the customer sites.

It also has the feature of Preventive Maintenance and temporary/permanent disconnection.

Billing & Accounts

This module allows you to generate the bills at pre-determined intervals.
The Bank master is maintained with MICR codes.

This module also has the facility to

  • Receive bill payments and issue of receipt
  • Deposit cheques collected lot-wise into various Banks of the organization
  • It takes in the Bank reconciliation statement and creates a report for cleared payments and bounced cheques
  • Facility to provide refund/waiver
  • Facility for tax management
Customer Relationship Management

This module allows to

  • Registration & resolution of complaint
  • Request for temporary / permanent disconnection
  • Bill Query
  • Request for change of plan
Advance Search Facility & Export/Import facility

The application has advance search facility at all the stages. It also has facility to import or export bulk data through CSV files. In fact export facility to MS Excel is given at each page.


The application has facility to assign user based logins and privileges.


The application has readily available following reports

  • Pending dues head wise
  • Receipts as on date head wise
  • Applications with different status (Open, Feasible, Installed, Commissioned)
  • Bounce cheque details
  • Realized cheque details
Application Architecture

The application had been designed on n-tier architecture using latest .Net framework provided by Microsoft. The application interface has been developed using Asp.net and MS SQL 2005 as the backend. The application being a browser based application provides tremendous flexibility and offers reduced total cost of ownership.

Case Studies