Where there's a need,

there's a solution


Automotive industry is mature and enterprising, driven by constant innovations in design and buoyed by high quality technological trends. In recent times, the global volatility in oil and dollar prices and more stringent environmental regulations by governments have forced auto companies to rethink their business strategy and take help of IT enabled services to maintain their core value propositions. VBSOFT possesses the capability to design solutions which can help automotive companies to reduce overall costs and implement road-map to present real time information for management decision making, which integrates the supply chain as well as the manufacturing KPIs.

VBSOFT has extensive experience in developing IT solutions in the areas of automotive testing which includes emissions testing, inspection systems based on lane based testing including decibel test, brake, suspension, side slip and visual inspection systems. We have worked with industry's leading service providers to offer then comprehensive development and management services to delivery highly efficient and sustainable solutions.