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Intelligent Transportation Systems

Transportation is a driving force behind overall development of businesses, cities and the well-being of all people around the world. Modern life demands growing mobility and more often it is secured through ever-increasing use of private transportation means. The resulting burdens on the transport infrastructure, that is already heavily stretched, are multiplying. The city governments have major expenditures on new road infrastructures and still traffic congestion continues to rise. It is unlikely that these problems can be solved simply by building more roads or by relying on past approaches. Innovative efforts are clearly needed on a broad front. Among this are the concepts, and the practice, of intelligent transport systems (ITS) which can open up new ways of achieving sustainable mobility in our communications and information society. Intelligent Transportation Systems are transport systems that apply information, communications, and the control technologies to improve the operation of transport networks. ITS tools are based on three core features-information, communications and integration-that help operators and travelers make better and coordinated decisions. Through improvement of operations, ITS tools are used to save time and lives, to enhance the quality of life and the environment, and to improve the productivity of commercial activities. An Intelligent Transportation Systemsincludes both technical and institutional components.

VBSOFT provides Intelligent Transportation Systems consultancy, development and deployment services to its customers to help them realize operational efficiency from transit system. We offer comprehensive knowledge to implement following:

  • Automated Fare Collection System (AFC)
  • GPS based Fleet Monitoring System((collecting all 32 type of Bus Sensor information – buses with onboard data acquisition facilities)
  • RFID based Passenger Information System (PIS)
  • Financial Management System (FMS) & Central Clearing House System
  • Vehicle Dispatch& Scheduling System (VDSS)
  • Depot Management System (DMS)
  • Bus Terminal Management System (BTMS)
  • Incident Management System (IMS)
  • Business Intelligence Suite (BIS)
  • Enterprise Management System (EMS)

VBSOFT is currently engaged as a consultant to various transportation systems in India like :

  • Ahmedabad Janmarg Limited
  • Jaipur City Transport Service Limited
  • Citylink, Surat Municipal Corporation
  • Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service
  • ITS Consultancy for implementation of RFID based Fleet tracking and Passenger Information System – Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service
  • Feasibility Study to examine possibility of implementing state wide ITMS project for RSRTC
  • Detailed Feasibility Report for ITS based Urban Transport Management System in Madhya Pradesh for MPCOPS
  • Pune Municipal Corporation
  • Rajkot Municipal Corporation

Our consultancy services mainly offer design and management services, which include architecture definition of IT system components such as software, hardware and communication devices etc.