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Enterprise Edutainment Delivery Management System
The Kankaria lakefront, under the auspices of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has transformed into a world class public recreation space, while continuing to retain Indian culture and lifestyle. KidCity, an indoor facility within the lakefront, is a creative EDUCATION and ENTERTAINMENT center providing 'role playing' platform for children below 16 years age.

It is a miniature replica of a typical city, complete with roads, buildings, retail shops and all kinds of motor-vehicles plying in a modern City. It has replicas of Hospital, Dental Clinic, Kids' Bank/ATM, Court, Police station, Jail, Fire station, Radio Station, BRTS (City Bus), Ice Cream Factory, Heritage Gallery, Theatre, TV Studio (Meet the CM), Print Media, Civic Center (Tax dept), Sports Academy, NCC Camp, Kids Telecom, Science Centre, IT Centre and many more.

KidCity is not only the fun place for children but also educates them on real life processes, problems and their solutions. Here, children learn to play adult roles like doctor, dentist, policeman, archeologist, pilot, judge and a number of other professions and occupations. They acquire skills and attitudes to help their physical and intellectual growth, while honing their creative thinking and social skills.

Children use a mock-currency VirMo (Virtual Money) in the KidCity. They perform various jobs and earn remuneration in return, learning to appreciate value of money, by. The VirMos earned can then be used to buy goods and services available in KidCity.

VBSOFT has designed, developed and implemented an Integrated "Enterprise Edutainment Delivery Management System" to regulate sale of entry tickets and all other activities within the KidCity as under:

Registration & Personalized Smart Cards:
Every child and parents needs to register with KidCity first time. They receive a personalized Smart Card with their unique ID, photographs and signatures to be carried on their person in KidCity.

Entry Tickets:
A bar-coded entry ticket for each visit, valid for certain hours entitles them to participate in 3 activities of 40 minutes each

RFID Wrist-band:
A returnable RFID wrist-band keeps record of their stay in the KidCity/play-zone, in conjunction with RFID readers installed at the entrance and exit of the KidCity/play-zone. Participation in Activities: Participation in activities earns a kid certain amount of virtual money, "Virmo", through a virtual banking system. This can either be spent for buying goods and services in the KidCity itself or saved for future use.

Saving VirMos:
VirMos earned by a child are credited/debited in his/her account in a virtual bank. These are also stored in RFID chip in his/her smart card and are permitted to be accumulated for a valid period (say, 3 months). The kid must return within this period to be able to spend the accumulated VirMos.

The VirMos can be used for buying mock T-shirts or souvenirs or for mock hair-cut, shoeshine or receiving medical attention in hospital in the KidCity only.

System Alerts:
The system provides for all the checks and validations like not permitting a kid to participate in the 4th activity, until an extra payment is made. RFID system in the wristband raises a beep in control panel of a PC in a play-zone, if residence time of a kid exceeds 40 mins etc.

CRM Module:
There is CRM module with typical functionality of a Loyalty Card - a child can view the VirMos it has accumulated.

All these features are parameterized so they can be defined and changed from time to time.